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Crane Falls New York City Killed Injured

Image: Twitter/ Anthony DiLorenzo

Traffic hour became deadly this morning for one Tribeca neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. One man is reported to be dead along with several others injured when a huge crane from a construction site broke and rained down upon the unsuspecting commuters below. People in nearby high-rises watched paralyzed in horror, as the crane swayed shortly before breaking free and falling to the busy street.

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An electrician in the area was able to capture the amazing scene on video from an adjacent building. Paramedics and Firefighters raced onto the scene searching for people that might have been trapped or hurt from falling debris.

Crane Falls Manhattan One Dead Many Injured

Image: Twitter/ Steven Bogner

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference this afternoon that, “prior to the incident, workers were attempting to lower the crane into a safer position due to the high 20mph winds. He then ordered that all cranes be put into secure positions.”

New York just hasn’t been able to catch a break as it has been hit recently with some of the most severe winter storms on record.

Article: Mashable

Video: Valuable2ND