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Luna Dog German Shepherd Lost Sea Found US Navy San Diego Island 5 Week Alone Rescued

Image: Inside Edition

A 1-year-old German Shepherd puppy is now happily back in the arms of his owner Nick Haworth after being lost-at-sea for over a month off the coast of San Diego. But the tough pup wouldn’t give up, managing to swim over 2 miles to a naval island where he survived off rats and dead seagulls until being spotted and rescued by military personnel.

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“To have my best friend back is the greatest gift I’ve ever received,” Haworth told the crowd of supporters that showed up to see the two reunited. Giving up hope his best friend was still alive several weeks back, after search both land and sea with no success. Nick even posted on his facebook wall “RIP Luna, you will be missed.”

But when all the faith that Luna was still alive seemed to have been gone, a picture of Luna came in the mail saying his dog was still alive.

Somehow, Luna had made the over 2-mile swim to nearby, San Clemente island, which is used to conduct military training and target practice. On the island, there is no fresh water- miraculously he was able to survive off the water from rain puddles. Fending for himself, he maintained by eating rats and dead seagulls for almost 5 weeks before he was finally spotted by someone.

Today, Luna is back in the hands of her beloved owners arms, with a new dog tag given to him by the U.S. Navy, engraved with the phrase “Keep the faith.”

Article: Abc News

Video: Inside Edition