These life hacks will certainly make things a lot easier for you!

Sometimes we wish that we knew tricks for little things in life, that when they become known to us, we wonder why we never thought of them ourselves. The following life hacks will definitely be of great use to you. Most are new to me, so I know that even if you know most of them, you most likely don’t know all of them.

1.   Are you tired of ads when playing games?
2.  Do you forget which side the fill port is in your car?
3.  Skip the lighter fluid.
4.  How to peel a kiwi.
5.  Info about your phone that anyone can see, if you lose it.
6.  Tired of being frozen/burned in the shower, by the water’s temperature?
7.  Keep your tie from flying up, during windy conditions.
8.  Does the aluminum foil always fall out of the box?
9.  Sleep comfortably by adjusting your pillow.
10. Do you have an overflow of plastic, grocery bags?

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Video: Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”