These food photography tricks will surprise you!

An image isn’t always what it seems. I’m a photographer, so I know that editing is essential for my final images; since our cameras don’t quite capture hues as we see them. Of course, sometimes we saturate color or use filters to create a piece of art; but did you know that sometimes what you perceive to be a particular item, isn’t that at all?

The following images will leave you wondering, every time you see food photography, from now on.

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  1. A small bowl is turned upside down to make toppings “float”.

2. Plastic cubes are used instead of ice.

3. Yup! Water is also made of plastic!

4. Grill marks are made with eyeliner or charcoal starter.

5. Elmer’s glue is used for “milk”, in cereal shots.

6. Syringes are used to apply condiments.

7. Sesame seeds are applied to the buns.

8. Berries are sprayed with aerosol deodorant for frost effect.

9. Incense is used to simulate vapor/steam.

10. Motor oil is used to simulate syrup.

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