Epidemic Of Overdoses

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We could soon have quite an epidemic on our hands if this does not get under control, and soon. With already 14 people in the Sacramento area of California having overdosed on this new type of painkiller so far, it is proving to be a popular and soon very deadly new problem. The drug, which was assumed to be the prescription opiate “Norco” by the users was actually an adulterated version of the pill mixed with another dangerously powerful opioid called Fentanyl. The new drug has since made it’s way from Sacramento into the San Francisco Bay, and patients are being warned to beware.

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Special Agent Casey Rettig of the Drug Enforcement Agency in San Francisco says, “It is our number one priority based out of San Francisco. We definitely want to connect the dots where we can.”

Scientists that analyzed the chemical compound of the pill for toxicology testing showed that the pills that were ingested also contained promethazine, which is a drug that heightens the high that an opioid can provide. When put together in a combination such as this and someone taking it is not aware the consequences can be deadly.

Video: Yahoo News