Teen Inventor Does What Scientists Couldn’t

A 15-year-old inventor named Krtin Nithiyanandam, as part of a Google Science Fair, has come up with a revolutionary new way to potentially detect early signs of Alzheimers Disease and stop it from progressing. The invention could potentially diagnose the disease up to 10 years prior to the onset of symptoms. According to the report by the Telegraph, “he developed an antibody that penetrates that blood-brain barrier, and is able to attach itself to the toxic protons in the brain-stopping the disease from progressing.” (Continued Below)

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The video explains, “The blood-brain barrier has been one of the major roadblocks in detecting the disease in standardized testing, and is what protects the brain from getting infected. The fact that he was able to find a way to protect that barrier, without exposing the brain to disease is a very important factor.”

Scientists have been working for decades to find ways to combat Alzheimers disease. It is said to be the most expensive medical condition to treat and is one of the biggest medical challenges today. Nithiyanandam’s invention has the potential to change lives, by accelerating detection, and allow for early treatment. The fact that the boy is only 15 makes the story even more significant, and we can’t wait to see what else he may come up with in the future.

Article: Telegraph

Video: TheLipTV2