All Roads In New York Closed

The powerful winter blizzard that began Saturday has brought New York, and much of the East Coast to it’s knees in almost a complete stand-still. While the city continues to be hit with devastating hurricane force winds, extreme flooding, and incredible snowfall 18 people have been killed so far, according to the LA Times. (Continued Below)

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Record Setting Snow New York East Coast 18 People Killed Storm Wind

Image: LA Times

New York Governer Andrew Cuomo, warned people attempting to brave the record-setting weather, “Safety is our number one priority – and right now, it is not safe for the general public to travel.”  Cuomo has taken the unusual step of imposing a travel ban on the city, closing down all roads, along with most of the subways as well. Drivers that make the attempt take the risk of being ticketed.

Over 25 inches of snow has fallen in Central Park, closing in on the city’s record of 26.9 inches, set almost 10 years ago in 2006. Thousands around the city have been left without electricity, over 10,000 flights have been canceled, the government has been shutdown, and officials are reporting hundreds of traffic accidents prior to the closures.

Article: LA Times