It was a day of excited anticipation for 3-year-old Audrey because for the first time she would get to meet another little girl, with the same extremely rare medical condition. Statistically, they are both absolute miracles, surviving a condition that occurs only once in every million births. Most children with the same birth defect never live longer than a week outside the womb.

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The condition both girls share in common, is called, Pentology of Cantrell, a rare defect affecting the diaphragm, abdominal wall, pericardium, heart and lower sternum. Audrey’s mother said doctors told her that she shouldn’t expect her child to live longer than 3 days. But thanks to a special surgery at Children’s Hospital in Texas, surgeons were able to save her life by actually placing her heart back into her body.

Girls Meet Rare Birth Defect Heart Beat Outside Miracle Survive Baby Toddler

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Both the girls have to wear a special protective shield around their chest that protects them from striking the vulnerable life-giving organ. Audrey’s mother tells her that “she has a special heart” and it needs to be protected because she’s a very special person.

Rare Birth Defect Pentology Cantrell Heart Beats Outside Chest Girl Mother Miracle Born Birth Toddler

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Today, Audrey is thrilled to have gotten the chance to meet someone like her, and the two look like they will continue to have a special bond. In the video, Audrey says, “She has a pretty heart like me,” filled with childlike joy.

Meeting 6-year-old Virsavivya, gave Audrey’s mother hope that her daughter also might get to make it to her 6th birthday. During the visit, the two played doctor and listened to the beat of each others hearts, later they all joined in a special prayer of thankfulness. Both mothers agree that despite their tough circumstances, there is just soo much to be thankful for.

Video: Inside Edition