2-3 Shooters Wearing Heavily Body Armor Are Responsible

*Update – 14 Dead, 17 Wounded*

*Developing Story – LIVE Video below*

KTLA reports LIVE coverage of the shooting in process Inland Regional Center – a facility that provides services to adults and children with autism or other developmental disabilities.

In a tweet sent by the San Bernardino county’s Sheriff Department around 11:30 a.m. they report that  there was an active shooter still in the area of Orange Show Road / Waterman Avenue near Park Center Circle.

Live coverage reports that 3 suspects have fled the scene in a black vehicle.

There is a hostage situation going on. A 20+ person SWAT team is taking precautions of explosive devices.

A father from one of the employees of the center tells KTLA on LIVE coverage that the center was having a Christmas Celebration. His daughter happened to be in the restroom while the shooting occurred.

The injured are being taken to two hospitals: Loma Linda University Medical Center and Arrowhead Hospital.

Family members of the people who escaped can meet up with them at Rudy C. Hernandez Community Center, 222 N. Lugo Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92408.


Article: KTLA
Video: Yahoo