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Blake Pyron has been told his entire life about all the things he would never be able to accomplish. Born with down syndrome, he’s has had to work harder than most people to do the same types of things. Blake had his own dreams to one day open his own business and now, at only age 20, Blake is proving wrong the naysayers by becoming one of the youngest business owners in his town. His unique mobile snow cone co. called, Blakes Snow Shack of Sanger, Texas is taking the city by storm.

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Man With Down Syndrome Becomes Youngest Business Owner

Image: Rebooti

Once Blake graduated from High School, he began working at a local Bar-b-que restaurant taking time to hone his customer service skills. But when that company closed down a short time later, he was stuck trying to figure out his next steps.

With such extremely limited opportunities in his hometown of Sanger Texas, he and his family got together to discuss what he wanted to do. He came up with a unique idea for a mobile snow cone business, and with a little help from his family and a few of his friends, a new business was born.

Today he is one of the youngest business owners in his city, and business is thriving.

Article: Rebooti