Glory To God

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When Dr. Mitch Land, the dean of Regent University, a private Christian Universtiy was in Rowlett Texas for the holiday’s the last thing he expected was to find his life in danger.

Dr. Land, along with 22 other members of his family which included his 82-year-old Mother, were in town to celebrate at his Texas home. While the good Doctor went to the airport to pick u more members of his arriving family, the unthinkable was happening back at the house. Sitting directly in the path of the destructive twister his quick thinking family “all got inside this hallway…all 22 of them crammed into a space situated between the kitchen and the garage. They all crammed inside and tried to shelter the children,” he told CBN News.

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“Doors tried to fly open from the garage, and the older grandchildren just held on for dear life onto those doors,” he continued. “One of them almost got sucked out of the house- had any of those kids had not been in that space they might easily have been taken.”

At the height of the winds, they all began to cry out to God as the tornado ripped through taking off a large section of the roof. Thankfully, and by the grace of God the family was spared from a terrible tragedy as the twister began to leave. At the end of the event, all 22 members of the family walked away completely unharmed. The only thing they could do at that point was to give thanks.

“O you of little faith, Why are you afraid?” Then having arisen, He rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.

-Matthew 8:26

Article/ Video: CBN News