A Young Couples Love Story Ends In Tragedy, God Had Other Plans For Him

Love story ends in tragedy

Image: YouTube

“I had watched him that entire time and was just astounded at what kind of a man he was,” Cady says. “To me, it was evident that he was the strongest, yet the most gentle person on that team.”

That is what Cady Kendall had to saw about the love of her life and high school sweetheart Jordan Lewis.

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After they both graduated, Jordan took a mission trip to Tanzania, which required a lot of intensive training of which Cady was happy to help with.

Love story ends in tragedy

Image: YouTube

As life would have it, once back Jordan learned that the nosebleeds he was having while away was actually a fist-sized tumor lodged in his brain. He was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 sinus cancer.

Not knowing what to do, Cady reached out to a mentor that gave her this advice:

“She said, ‘Cady there are two things you can do: You can either act out of love or you can act out of fear.’ I knew in that moment I was going to stay by his side the entire time. Whether we’re dating or best friends, I knew that I was already in love with him. I would follow him anywhere.”

With much prayer and treatments, the couple finally received news that the cancer was no longer detectable and that Jordan was now cancer free.

However, life isn’t as easy as others make it out to be and in May of 2013, screenings showed that a number of small tumors had shown up in his lungs.

With marriage plans on the way, Cady reassured him:

“I’m getting married to you. And I’m going to walk through this journey with you, this time as your wife.”

It felt like I was made for this moment, to be with Jordan and to fight this with him,” she says. “But at the same time it’s also scary because the one person you love more than anything in the world is going to have to go through extreme suffering, and that was frightening to me.”

This video was shown at the wedding rehearsal dinner for Jordan and Cady, showcasing the journey of Jordan Lewis as he battles cancer. And although Jordan is no longer with her physically, she will always carry him in her heart.

Video: Lynette Lewis