Replica Of Solomon’s Temple Completed In Brazil

In Sao Paulo Bazil, a Billionaire preacher named Bishop Edir Macedo Bezerra has created an immense $300 Million Dollar building project. The enormous construction aims to be a nearly complete replication of Solomon’s original temple in Jerusalem.

Universal Church Solomons Temple Replica Outer Building

Image: Universal Church

The 11-story building spans an entire city block, and is big enough to comfortably seat 10,000 people. With some of it’s more extravagant features that include Italian marble, olive trees along it’s outer perimeter, and imported stonework from Jerusalem it is certainly a sight to see.

The building stands adjacent to the museum complex of the property complete with domed roof made entirely of copper. The museum houses biblical artifacts and replicas of temple items to give people an authentic “ancient biblical experience.” The exterior of the main building has 30 columns, and the interior walls are embellished with giant menorahs, and 100 square meters of gold stained glass windows.

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Universal Church Structure Solomons Temple Replica Brazil

Image: Universal Church

Macedo is the founder and leader of the “Universal Church of the Kingdom of God” a pentacostal denomination with an emphasis on universalism and prosperity like theology. With a net worth of 1.3 Billion Dollars and a spot on the FORBES list, Macedo is the richest church leader in Brazil.
His intentions for the project have been to create a universal destination of worship, pilgrimage, and tourist attraction. “In this new Temple, all, without exception, will have free access to seek God, unlike the past Temple, where the only people allowed to enter were the high priest into the Holy of Holies,” said Macedo.
Reactions to the temple have been mixed, with some Jewish community leaders condemning the project, while others embrace it for it’s ambitious scale and attention to detail. Whether Marcedo will be able to fill the 10,000 seat building, and if it becomes the destination, it is planned to be is still to be seen.