Diet Zero Calorie Foods

1.Diet/Zero Calorie Foods

Artificial sweeteners are extremely bad for your health. Sucralose and Aspartame which can be found in Splenda and Nuti-Sweet are the two you may have heard of.

An American Diabetes Association study highlighted the link between diet soda drinkers and an increased waist size, versus non-drinkers. The people who consumed two or more diet sodas daily had a waistline of up to 500% greater than those do not drink the “Diet” drinks.

You should switch to stevia or raw honey in moderation is healthy.

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Non-Organic Fruits/Veggies Without Protective Skins

2. Non-Organic Fruits/Veggies Without Protective Skins

Although You May be eating an extremely healthy diet, your food itself can be pesticide-laden. Ingesting these chemicals can really damage your health.

The Dirty Dozen:
Hot Peppers
Sweet Bell Peppers
Snap Peas
Cherry Tomatoes
Kale / Collard Greens
Snap Peas

Vegetable Oils

3.Vegetable Oils

We need healthy fats like avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish in out diets. Unhealthy fats, which can be found in certain vegetables, damage the endocrine system and thyroid.

Ditch the yellow cooking oils like soybean oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil and canola oil. Be cautious, these oils are in everything – from cookies and pancake mixes to crackers and salad dressings. Start paying attention to you labels.

Instead of these unhealthy oils, use coconut oil for cooking, and enjoy extra virgin olive oil in dressings.

Whole Grains

4. Whole Grains

Breads, White and Whole Grain, Oatmeals, Pastas, Cereals, Carbohydrates, etc are a no-no.
Although he USDA has been telling us for years upon years that we need more whole grains in our diet, the truth is that we don’t.

We have been consuming way too many carbohydrates which our bodies turn into fat. This is because we are eating
whole grains on top of sugar, on top of more carbohydrates.

Dr. Josh Axe and others agree that these “extra carbohydrates are the number 1 thing that is
wrecking and ruining your weight loss efforts.
Remove whole grains from your diet for 2-4 weeks. After 2-4
weeks, you can begin to add healthy sources of grains back
into your diet.”

A good healthy source of grains are sweet potatoes and rice; since they are gluten free.
And if you really want to eat bread, make sure it is sprouted or sourdough, like Ezekiel Bread.
Eat in moderation.

Article: Dr Josh Axe Natural Living Ideas