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The Four Good Reasons Why This Topic Should Not Be Silenced:

1. Because if we don’t talk, others will (and already are)

The topic of sex is unavoidable. It is represented everywhere — music, television, film magazines, radio stations, and everything else. What exactly does sex represent to society now? Based on what we hear, it is a tool, but not for reproducing; it’s to fulfill one’s desires or to get somewhere we wanna be the easy way. Sex equals power and pleasure, nothing more and nothing less.

This is where we need to change things; because we have chosen not to express our viewpoints on this topic, it is being washed away by this idea that intimacy is merely an implement for dirty deeds.

“Our concept of sex is being distorted by lust rather than love; by casual rather than commitment. It’s time to speak up about sex because our silence is allowing others to speak for us.”

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2. Because the topic of sex needs to be redeemed from feelings of guilt and shame

When we hear the word “sex” we automatically deem it as taboo. We’re used to being taught that it is a shameful act and that we shall not condone premarital coitus. This is where we are wrong!

In a novel titled “True Love Dates” written by author Debra K. Fileta, she explains that we should open our ears up to more reasons as to why sex is good than it is bad. There is nothing wrong with sex as long as it’s treated respectfully.

“It’s time for Christians to stop treating sex like a “say no to drugs campaign” but rather take the time to bring balance to the truth that sex done in God’s way is totally worth saying yes to.”

3. Because our understanding and expectations of sex have become skewed in the silence

“It’s time for the Church to become a safe place where we can bring all our struggles and be welcomed with open arms—sex and all.”

Because many of us are so used to the idea of sex being a bad thing, it puts strain and confusion on a lot of marriages. Christian couples who get married often have trouble because the grew up on such a judgement, and it is difficult to suddenly be okay with sex now that they are married. Debra explains that, based off of her counseling experiences, some couples feel lost on the subject. This shouldn’t be a problem anymore, and by speaking up, we can make a difference for the future.

4. Because it’s God’s gift to us and talking about it brings Him glory

We have given the media the upper hand on this topic, and they have taken our silence as an advantage to spread immorality about sex. We should no longer let it be construed in a negative light; rather, we should see it as a gift from God… because that’s what it is!

God has created sex so that we can use it the right way. We should be grateful that He created this for us, not shame it out of our lives. It is His gift to us and we should use it when we feel it is right; don’t restrict yourself of a privilege He has blessed us with.

“God delights in His children, and He longs for us to experience this gift as best as it was made to be enjoyed. It’s time to speak up about sex, rescuing it from the darkness of sin and into the light of joy.”

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