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A recently excavated site in Turkey has uncovered exciting never-before-seen, depictions of the historical Jesus Christ. During excavations in the Cappadocia Region of Turkey, archeologists were shocked to uncover frescos showing illustrated scenes of the life and ministry of Christ, that have yet to be previously represented.

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History Archeology Jesus Christ Church Underground Walls Frescos Illustration Ministry Life

Image: Hurriyet Daily News

The discovery of the “rock-carved underground church, which was located inside a castle in the center of the city of Nevşehir” is unique. The Mayor of the city of Nevşehir, Hasan Ünver reported, “We know that such frescoes have so far never been seen.” Preliminary dating of the site has shown it to be from around the 5th century A.D. “The frescoes in the church show the rise of Jesus the Christ into the sky and the killing of the bad souls. Images of some of Christ’s miracles are portrayed as well, “like fish falling from the hand of Jesus Christ.”

Head Archaeologist, Semih İstanbulluoğlu, says, “The structure was found a short time ago. The frescoes on the walls will return to their original look after restoration and cleaning work.” He added they are excited to continue to find more of the colorful illustrations as they continue to uncover the walls of the underground church. Ünver explained,  they are expecting, “when the church is completely revealed, Cappadocia could become an even bigger pilgrimage center of Orthodoxy.”

Historical Church Discovery Turkey Archeologist Uncover Walls Depicting Christ Ministry Life

Image: Hurriyet Daily News

Another archeologist on the team, named Ali Aydın, explained, “Only a few of the paintings have been revealed” so far. Others will begin to emerge once further exhumation is done. “There are important paintings in the front part of the church showing the crucifixion of Jesus, and his ascension to heaven. There are also frescoes showing the apostles, the saints, and other prophets (like) Moses and Elyesa.”

The team is hopeful that the discovery could soon offer even further insight into the life and ministry of Christ.

Article: Hurriyet Daily News