Time To Stock Up On These Prime Fruits And Vegetables!

Author of the new book Seven Spoons, Tara O’Brady found which foods taste the best in November. Take note!

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1. Brassicas: Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale…
O’Brady says that the cold temperatures tame their bitterness. “Consider stir frying sprouts with soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic. Cream kale as you would with spinach,” says O’Brady. Generally, you should select cabbage, sprouts, and kale that are vibrant in color and that sprouts and cabbages should feel heavy for their size.

2. Onions
“This season’s onions should have darker, thicker skins, and look for ones without blemishes. Firmer and with a lower water content, fall varietals take well to longer cooking.” O’Brady says that roasting the onions in wedges alongside meat, or slowly caramelizing them will add flavor to any dish.

3. Leeks
Just like carrots, leek’s flavor benefits from a frost. “Look for stalks that have the most white and light green as possible. They should feel crisp,” she says. O’Brady says braised leeks are “brilliant with eggs,” and on a cold evening, potato leek soup is delicious.

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