5 Reasons Why The Royal Family Dresses In The Same Outfit

Have you ever noticed how Kate Middleton always seems to wear many different versions of the same types of outfits again and again? It seems she takes a very similar approach when dressing her young children George and Charlotte as well, but with Kate, you can believe that she has a very good reason for doing so. Here are her top 5 reasons for why the royal family does this.

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Royal Family Dresses Simple Styles

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1-She refuses to create a shopping frenzy based around clothing designers. The royal family is among the most influential, if not THE most influential families around, so any designer they wear people will flock to follow. Despite the precautions, she takes to keep the families designers a secret, “whatever outfits the children wear sell out online almost instantly.”

Kate Middleton Dresses Children In Traditional Outfits For These Reasons

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2-She wants the world to know that the Royal family is just like their own. They too wear the same clothing and outfits more than once. Even when she dresses them for official state portraits, the kids are regularly dressed in affordable styles, rather than in designer duds.

Kate Dresses Children In Traditional Clothing Styles

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3-Kate tries to limit the amount of media attention her children receive. This is a smart move by Kate. She is well aware that the media is overly conscious and consumed with knowing what celebrities are wearing or comparing how celebs wear an article of clothing. By dressing them in the same type of outfits the frenzy of fashion photogs won’t be chomping at the bit in order to find out.

Royals Wear Similar Outfits Through The Generations

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4-She’s a traditionalist, so she tries to keep them away from anything too trendy or gimmicky. She wants her children to be children, rather than trendsetters, yet even downplaying her style has led to a resurgence in the popularity of traditionally styled clothing in the U.K. Knowing that the masses will follow them no matter what they do she prefers to support smaller brands and local designers over big, well known multi-national brands and companies.

The Royal Family Simple And Traditional Styles

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5-She wants to create a connection to the past through the clothing they all wear. “She often dresses George in outfits similar to those worn by William when he was George’s age. For Charlotte’s christening, she dressed him in a red shorts outfit nearly identical to one worn by William when he met his newborn baby brother, Prince Harry, in 1984.”

Old Versus New Style Dress For Royal Family

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