Just One Car Caused This

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Image: Video Screenshot

Image: Video Screenshot

Police are currently investigating a multi-vehicle car crash in Van Nuys, California, that took place yesterday morning.

Minutes just after 6 a.m. at the intersection of Vanowen Street and Sepulveda Boulevard, a white car traveling at an absurdly high rate runs a red light, slamming into an SUV waiting patiently at an intersection.

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“The SUV … he wasn’t doing nothing wrong,” said Steven Mariscal of MJM Network​. “Just sitting there waiting to do his turn at the red light, and this car comes and hits him. There’s no way he could have avoided that.”

At least six people were hospitalized for moderate and severe injuries.

Authorities have crossed out drug and alcohol from the possible causes. Investigations are on-going.

Article: KTLA
Video: MrMJMTech