365 Days Of Christmas

The holidays are the favorite time each year for many. It provides the opportunity to decorate the house in colorful lights and ornaments, and have friends and family over for big festive celebrations at the house. But the time comes in every season, when the warm fuzzy feeling starts to fade, the lights must come down off the of the house, and decorations taken out of the windows and doors. So what if there was a way to use those holiday lights year round? Here are 8 creative ways to use can continue to use those holiday lights.

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1) Lighted Head Boards:

DIY Christmas Light Decoration Creative Use Home Head Board

Image: Susan Teare – Design by Joanne Palmissano

2) Decorate A Blank Wall:

DIY Christmas Light Decoration

Image: ViralFacts

3) Fire Fly Can Light:

DIY Light Can Recycle Firefly Shelf Room

Image: Casa De Colorir

4) Cupcake Flower Lights:

DIY Cupcake Flower Pedal Paper Lights

Image: Steph Hung

5) Pretty Up An Outdoor Space With Ping-Pong Ball Lights:

DIY Ping Pong Lights Outdoor Space

Image: GleamItUp

Article: HGTV