1. King David

No other king could match him for verve, charisma and all the contradictory qualities of a real human being. He was wise and foolish, merciful and cruel, forgiving and ruthless. He loved his friends and then betrayed them; he used women callously but also seems to have truly loved them; he spoilt his children and paid the price for this foolishness. Duplicitous. God-fearing. Unscrupulous. Charming. Cunning. Beloved.

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2. King Solomon (The Wise King)

King Solomon was David’s youngest son. He was never supposed to have succeeded David to the throne, but because of his mother’s cunning abilities, he was able to take power. Solomon’s reign was very long, prosperous and peaceful.  Coincidentally, he had become king when Egypt and Mesopotamia were having internal troubles. This is when the First Temple of Jerusalem was built to honor God.

3. King Josiah

Josiah came to power just at the age of 8 when his father was assassinated. His rule totaled to 30 years. On his 18th year of his reign, he began to restore the Temple of Jerusalem to its full glory, as it was almost destroyed completely when the Babylonians ravaged Judah. During the rebuilding of the temple, his workmen came across an old set of scrolls. These were hidden for safekeeping until the time was due. These scrolls gave instructions to the Jewish people on how they were to live their lives. Ultimately there was a renewal in faith among the Jewish people. 

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