They Can Burn Churches But They Will Never Be Able To Destroy Our Faith In God!

New Life Missionary Baptist Church was among the seven churches that have been burned to the ground in St. Louis, Missouri. The two weeks that these Christian communities have experienced were completely unbearable.

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The religious leaders in St. Louis are suspecting racism to be the cause of such tragedies. However, authorities have not yet labeled racism as the motive for these arson attacks.

Since Oct. 8, more than half a dozen churches, which all vary denominationally, have been targeted by deliberate acts of arson. The latest attack occurred on Thursday at the downtown Shrine of St. Joseph Church.

The attacks have occurred at mostly black congregations located near Ferguson. We ask that you keep these congregations in your prayers! These attacks full of hatred towards our faith will never stop us from believing in our heavenly father!

Article: Christian Post