7 Amazing Egg Hacks You Can Use Daily

Eggs have become a staple in the daily lives of today’s American households. With just so many options coming from just the simpleness of a hard boiled egg, along with the added convenience and portability, it’s no wonder eggs have become the go-to healthy fast-food option. It is one of the most versatile foods you can cook for your family at just about any time of the day. Below are a few easy ways to cook perfect hard boiled eggs, and a few interesting things you can make with them.

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1 . Remove Pressure For Hard-Boiled Eggs By Using Thumbtacks

It may sound strange, but if you want the perfect hard-boiled egg, then thumbtacks are going to be your best friend. Sticking a thumbtack into your eggs will relieve the pressure from boiling and air build up. In the end, you will have perfect hard boiled eggs.

Thumb Tacks Used In Boiled Eggs

Image: Shareably

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