Among the many heroes told in the Bible, these are just some of the fine examples that we can learn a lot from in today’s world.

1. Noah


Noah lived in a time much like ours. The world is becoming more and more corrupt by the second. God did not stand for it and decided to eliminate the evil in the world.

Noah was righteous before God, that is why God chose Noah to take his plan into effect and save those who listened from total destruction of the world. By building an ark at just 600 years of age, Noah managed to preserve the Human race and the animal kingdom.

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2. Moses


Moses will forever go down in history as a freedom hero. How amazing is it that God would use a person who stuttered to speak through him. God works in mysterious ways, but its no mystery as to why Moses is considered a hero. Indeed, he was the one that acted out God’s will in order for his people to be freed from the tyranny of Egyptian pharaohs.

3. David



Throughout the bible, David is depicted as the righteous hand of God. This hero fought courageously ever since his adolescent years. He offered himself to fight the fearsome Philistine giant Goliath which brought him much glory from the people of God. He found favor with God in the battlefields. This brought on the jealousy of the king Saul. Eventually Saul tried to have David executed, but David’s cunningness saved him. He came to be the new king of God’s people and continued his live completely loyal to God.

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