7-Year-Old Boy Who Helped Cancer Victims By Donating Locks Of Hair Now Faces The Illness Himself

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He helped kids with cancer

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At just 7-years-old, Vinny Desautels had the biggest heart that anyone could hope for. For 2 years, Vinny grew out his hair to help kids with cancer. He told Fox 40 News, “I want to help people so they don’t have to go to the doctors to fight cancer. And then everyone got excited when mom cut the ponytails off. I was happy.”

Vinny only gave, never asking for anything in return. But Vinny’s own life began to take a cruel turn and the sweet little boy who gave selflessly to help those who suffered with cancer, is now battling cancer himself. Vinny now has an aggressive form of stage4 cancer.

“Basically, what they found is that he has a significant growth on his hip and in the bone around the eye and behind the nose and on the cheek on the right side,” Jason Desautels said.

Doctors are still trying to identify what type of cancer Vinny has, but his family is praying that Vinny makes it through.

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Video: Fox40