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With the multitudes of online retailers and e-commerce shopping sites continuously popping up in search engines cues and advertisements on the internet, it can be easy for even the most- savvy of buyers to get caught in some sort of scam. When a retailer is set apart only by their SEO, rather than their reputations, trying to navigate the best deals online can be confusing. With so many e-commerce sites based overseas without many of the regulations we have here in the U.S., how is anyone to know if a deal is just “too good to be true.”

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Beware These Online Retail Stores

Image: WomensDay

We have all come across those “too good to be true” type of deals. You know, the ones that offer the latest fashions for the low low price of only $__.99. These days, it can be harder and harder to tell who is a reputable retailer and who is only good at looking legit. Shoppers have reported a range of  different issues with certain sites online, from receiving items way off from the size that they ordered, to having to wait months for items to arrive.

Justin Lavelle, the communications director for online background check platform BeenVerified, says buyers must beware. “There are many overseas clothing companies today offering [what they advertise as] gorgeous and trendy clothes for next to nothing,” he says. “They show images of the clothes on models that look amazing. But what you see on their site and what you get are usually two different things — cheap fabrics, unrealistic sizing, and impossible returns and refunds.”

With all these possible problems here is a list of 8 retailers the Women’s Day advises you steer very clear of.


Better Business Bureau cites nearly $15,000 in claimed losses from this retailer. On, 313 of 460 total reviewers give the company just one star. One reviewer noted, “I have ever before seen quality this poor. Garments were missing hems, sections of fabric were hanging out of seems, sizes were off by a great deal. The garments did not function as clothing on a basic level. Don’t even try to return the stuff.”


This is not a BBB-accredited company, though the bureau registered 235 complaints for it over the last three years. They call the company out for advertising and sales issues, billing and collection problems, delivery issues, warranty problems — but most of all for problems with products (with 177 of the reviewers registering such complaints).


Of nearly 1,600 reviews on SiteJabber, nearly 900 give it the lowest possible rating. Among the typical complaints is sizing that’s way off scale. “Even though I ordered extra large, the clothes all looked like they were made for ten-year-old!” one reviewer noted.


Better Business Bureau has not accredited this China-based business, and gives it an F rating (yes, on a scale that goes up to A+). The bureau has in fact issued an alert against the company after the bureau tried to contact it in an attempt to develop a report, but the post office returned the mail.


SiteJabber reviewers slam this company, with more than 3,000 reviewers giving it a pathetic one-star rating out of five. On Reddit, people talking about the company complain of ill-fitting, poorly made merchandise, and call the whole thing a scam. “I honestly would not even donate these ‘clothes’ to Goodwill, as they are not only unfashionable, they are not even functional as real clothing,” one Redditor wrote. Paper thin and laughably assembled, their items are the equivalent of something you might win at a roadside carnival.”


A measly few hundred reviewers on SiteJabber give this company a satisfactory rating; more than 2,000 of 3,000 reviewers give it one star. Choice words from reviews include “trash,” “fraud,” “ugly,” and “thieves.”


While SiteJabber contains far fewer reviews for this site — 150 compared to several thousand for some of the other businesses on this list — most of those give the lowest rating possible. People cite receiving products that look nothing like the photos on the company’s website, constructed shoddily enough to constitute fraud.


This is not a BBB-accredited business, though it does receive an F rating from the bureau. Nearly 600 reviewers out of 830 on SiteJabber give it the lowest possible rating, citing issues like “cheap quality” and “refused to resolve an error.”  Seems like Zaful should be renamed “awful” based on customer experience.”

Article: WomensDay