If You Have emotional Clutter That Needs To Be Discarded, This Is A MUST READ!

For some of us, it is very difficult to get rid of things that don’t hold emotional value, how much more so would it be to do away with those that hold sentimental treasure?

Christine Kell, a decluttering coach at Gaining Space shares, “Everything we own is a time machine. People like to revisit the past because they think it was a better time, but if you focus on what’s behind you, you’re not present enough to create new memories, which could leave you quite melancholy.”

Looking at it in this perspective may help you to finally let it go!

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1. Bathroom
By starting with the bathroom, you learn to toss out things that have very little emotional value, if any—making you realize that you have things that are just sitting there, wasting space, because you actually don’t use them.

2. Dispose of Things . . . Not the Memory
Do you keep items solely because they were given to you by family members, even if you don’t want it or quite frankly, don’t have the space for them? If so, it’s okay to get rid of it. Your family won’t love you less for it. They are more interested in how you feel than what you keep! They love you, and they know that you too, love them.

3. Give It a Last Hurrah
Perhaps you’re holding onto a prom dress that holds sentimental value, but not much of anything else. Put it on. Take a picture. Share it with friends. You’ve frozen it in time, and now you’ve created another memory with your loved ones.

4. Do You Feel Good with All Your Possessions?
If holding onto any of your belongings only brings you sadness or anger . . . any negative emotion . . . then you need to learn to set it free. You want your home to be your sanctuary. A place of refuge, not one of emotional torment. You can get rid of those items that carry too much weight.

5. Keep Your Most Valued Belongings
If you find that your treasured possessions are tucked away in a corner, under your bed, then perhaps you can bring new life to them, by creating something new. Make a beautiful collage out of your favorite handmade birthday cards and frame them. Take your old favorite dress that you cannot find within you, to toss away, and create fabric hair pieces. They are no longer lifeless and “forgotten” treasures.

6. Get Rid of “Stuff”
If you are simply holding onto something because it was given to you . . . by anyone, but truly, you have no joy in keeping it other than for the sake of not throwing it away, then, quite frankly, you just need to toss it! Just do it!

7. Digitize Your Memories
Do you hold onto paperwork, letters or notes, but wish that you had more room, yet you don’t want to dispose of them? Well, these things no longer need to clutter your home, since you can now scan many items and store them on your hard drive. Doing so, will free your mind and open your home to new possibilities.

8. You Have a New Song
You may need to tell yourself that you are not getting rid of memories or mementos, but that you are finally letting go of things that have weighed you down, for far too long. Your today does not have to be filled with yesterday’s baggage if that’s all it truly ever was. You’ll feel lighter and more alive! Enjoy!

Inspired by Good Housekeeping