Hit Like A Girl

8-Year-Old Girl Boxing Prodigy Amazing Talent Skills Boxing Fast

Image: Youtube/ Barcroft TV

8-year-old boxer, Envika SaadVakass, from Kazakhstan, is a prodigy way beyond her years. Envika, has been training along with her father, a professional boxing coach named Rustram, since the age of 3. Very quickly, she has garnered an incredible set of skills, along with respect in a sport that not even many boys her age can expect to match.

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To get to her level of skill, Envika takes her training regiment very seriously, putting in work 5-days a week. She is able to throw an astonishingly fast, 100 punches, in less than a minute.

The sport of boxing for the SaadVakass’, is a family affair, in which all of her 6 siblings also train in. Her older brother Rush,who is only 13-years-old, has already made a name for himself in the competitive landscape, winning various titles and bringing them home for the family.

Their proud father is confident that one day Envika too will become a champion, but besides that they all say they love it. Which is really what matters the most.

Video: Barcroft TV