She Was Found Dead In Her Home

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Generally, they are a very popular style of life-saving devices among the elderly. Medical alert necklaces are designed to be worn around the neck to quickly be able to alert emergency responders in case of an emergency. They are advertised on T.V at all hours of the day and night, and if you thought about it, you can probably repeat the catch phrases from some of the most popular brands. But one 86-year-old woman, named Roseann DiFrancesco, from New Comberland,  PA, is dead because of her medical alert necklace and you won’t believe why.

According to Fox 2 News, the Cumberland County Coroner, Charles Hall, says 86-year-old Roseann DiFrancesco was found dead in her home on Feb. 15.  After knocking and getting no response, a visiting nurse came in and found DiFrancesco dead by apparent strangulation from (you guessed it) her medical alert necklace.

Apparently what happened was, DiFrancesco had lost he balance and fallen while using her walker. When she fell, the medical alert necklace she wore around her neck got caught in her walker and with no emergency release clasp to break free- she ended up strangling to death from the device.

Her death has been ruled as an accident, but it remains an unfortunate situation. The gadget that she depended on to save her life ended up contributing to taking her life. If you know an elderly person that uses one of these devices maybe just alert them and give them a warning of how something like this can happen. It might just save a life.

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Article: Fox2News