olice Discover Shocking Abandoned Child Left Alone Apartment Complex Negligent Mother

Image: FresnoBee

A Horrible Sight

Police from Lubbock, Texas, were shocked when they arrived on the scene after being called to an apartment complex, and discovered something unexpected. When they went to investigate, they found an abandoned 3-year-old girl, wandering by herself around the building. According to the police, the girl had red bumps from bedbug bites covering her skin, and she was extremely dirty. The young girl continued to shock officers with her responses reportedly telling them she was “hungry, and need a beer.” (Continued Below)

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It didn’t take very long for officers to verify that this was going to be a clear case of parental negligence. Lubbock Police Lt. Ray Mendoza told KJTV, “This was a clear neglect on the mother’s part. More than anything, it was the conditions the child was living under and the fact that the mom was completely oblivious to where the child had been or where it was at the time.”

Officers discovered the child’s mother, Shauna Bennet, 42, asleep in her apartment with apparently no idea the child had even gone missing. A neighbor named Kieth Graves, that says he has babysat the child before, told reporters, “I believe police overreacted a bit to the current state of the apartment. He continued, “It could have been cleaned a little bit better, but Shauna was doing the best that she could under the circumstances that she was in.”

Police disagreed, saying they felt they had good reason to charge the mother. An officer wrote in an affidavit, “I had probable cause to believe that [the little girl] had not been fed, washed, or provided with any type of general medical care or treatment for an unsafe amount of time.”

Bennett is now being held in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $15,000 bond charged with abandonment as well as child endangerment, and the child has been placed in protective services.

Article: FresnoBee