Doritos Debate

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Every year, Doritos holds a competition called “Crash The Superbowl,” where they allow aspiring creatives the chance to get their work featured during the Super Bowl. But this year’s 2016 winning ad seems to have caused a bit of controversy with Abortion rights activists, as immediately afterward they took to twitter to engage the idea that a fetus is not yet a baby among other talking points. Check out the commercial.

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This year’s winning ad, featured a man, eating Doritos, while his wife was having an ultrasound. In the ad, and to everyone’s surprise, the unborn baby starts to react to the dad eating the chips. Finally, after realizing the baby was reacting to the chips, she throws the bag of chips toward the door- the baby, flys out of the ultrasounds view, effectively, jumping out of the womb. So essentially the baby was born a bit early.

Pro Life Abortion Pro Choice Doritos Superbowl Commercial AD 2016

Image: Youtube/ Doritos Baby

Pro-choice advocates were up in arms over the ad saying things like “a fetus is not a baby,” “Humanizing Fetus’ again I see” etc. The group NARAL, the National Abortion Rights League, seemed to lead the way for the Pro-Choice side in terms of drawing attention to the subject. Meanwhile Pro-life supporters shot back at the attack with their own remarks posting images of late-term pregnancies, and what a baby would look like at that stage of development.

Abortion Right Activists Slam Doritos

Image: NARAL

One twitter user named @EchoesErrant posted this picture:

Baby Fetus Abortion Life Pro Choice Pro Life Parents Ultrasound Commercial

Image: Twitter/ EchoesErrant

Along with the image, the caption, “IKR? We wouldn’t want to give anyone a false impression, now would we?” Another user mockingly replied, “How dare they humanize a fetus.”

When satirical Doritos commercials become the fodder for major political issues, you know the attackers platform cannot be very strong. Still the debate rages on, on social media, hopefully, one day there will be some real decisions made on the issue.

What this silly ad shows is a baby who can’t wait to be born to eat some Doritos. Watch it below!

Article: NARAL
Video: Doritos Baby