Adorable Opossums

Opossum’s are not generally known for the adorable things they do, nor how incredibly cute they are. Generally, when we think of Opossums, we see them as an annoyance, as a slow-moving rodent with bad vision. A creature that the family must be protected from at all costs. But in reality, these furry marsupials can be just as cute – if not cuter than any puppy, gerbil, or kitten.

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Opossum Cute Rodent Animal Adorable Little

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Opossums can range in sizes from that of  a large house cat to the size of a small mouse. They can have a calm demeanor and don’t really like confrontation, so If they feel intimidated they may “play possum,” mimicking the appearance of being dead.

Opossum Cute Adorable Baby Rodent Furry

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According to Wikipedia, “the mother Opossum will sometimes carry her young upon her back, where they will cling tightly even when she is climbing or running.” There is a close-knit bond within the Opossum family, even between siblings that just like to hang around.

Opossum Cute Baby Rodent Furry Little Adorable

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The Opossums prehensile tail allows it to use his tail for balance on thin branches and fences, but the majority of the hanging upside down is done when they are very young.

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Opossums can be totally cute as you can see, some people have even trained their Opossums to live inside, and wear sweaters. They tend to be fairly easy pets to keep because they aren’t picky about food, and don’t care to move very fast around the house.

Opossum Cute Baby Furry Fuzzy Tail

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What do you think, would you keep an Opossum as a pet? Let us know in the comments.

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