Heroism Amid The Horror Of The Brussels Airport Tragedy

An airport worker known only as Alphonse, who was amongst the victims of the tragic Brussels airport attacks in Belgium this morning is now being called a hero by many. Alphonse was wrapping bags at the check-in desk when the explosions happened, according to a BBC reporter. After the initial event, he began rushing towards the scene where he was able to help seven wounded people get to safety.

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Man Saves Rescue 7 People Brussels Belgium Hero Action Tragedy

Image: Mashable

According to the Wallstreet Journal, Alphonse reportedly said, “I heard several bangs, one that might have been a gunshot and another that was much louder. [Then] I saw people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren’t moving anymore,” he said. He carried injured people into elevators to get them away from the scene.”

We are thankful for people like Alphonse who can be a light in times of darkness. We will be praying and will continue to update as the story progresses.

Article: Mashable