Alcohol Causes 7 Types of Cancer

A new study shows that any type of alcohol can cause different types of cancer. The reasoning behind it is unclear, but experts say that it is a reality we will all have to face.

Dr. Elie Fahed says it’s not a new study, “the data and all the studies from the last 10 years they put all the numbers together… they did show statistically people that drink more had a higher risk of cancer.”

“7 kinds of cancer was associated with this so we all know about liver cancer we all know drinking alcohol in high quantities will cause cirrhosis of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver is a big risk of liver cancer but now we know for sure that it’s a higher risk for head and neck cancer like tongue larynx esophageal even surprisingly for women it’s breast cancer and colorectal cancer,” said Fahed.

Could it be just a coincidence?

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Video: KCWY