What It Is Will Have You Laughing On The Ground!


Unknown object stumps everyone

Image: Action News Jacksonville

Recently, a woman in Florida, came across a rather strange looking object, near the Duval County Courthouse and was rather taken aback because she’d no idea what it was.  Was is perhaps an armadillo corpse, roasting in the hot sun?  Could it be a plastic bag that was peeling from the heat?  Maybe it’s a platypus trying to get to the shade, for some respite?  So, what would you have done, if your mind was boggled by this encounter?

Well, she did the only thing that she thought would get her the answers that she needed, so she contacted Action News Jacksonville.

Unknown object stumps everyone

Image: richardbrandt.blogs

Since the object dumbfounded even the news crew, they decided to share the photograph on their Facebook page in order to garner viewer’s opinions and guesses.  Some of the comments were quite indeed surprising or outright funny!  One of them stated that she was unsure what it was, but that she’d vote for it, before voting for Hillary!  Someone suggested that perhaps a ball should be thrown at it, in the case that it was a Pokemon.

Eventually, there were enough guesses that seemed to arrive at the object’s identity.  (See Below) What do you think?  Do you agree that it in fact was this very obvious gadget?  If it was indeed what the majority have claimed it to be, how did it arrive at its location of its final demise? 🙂

Alligator Pool Toy

Image: terapeak.com

Article: Action News Jacksonville