Asteroid To Pass So Close To Earth You Can See It With Your Naked Eye

On March 5th of next month, NASA has announced that a 30-meter wide asteroid is going to be coming so close to the Earth that you’ll be able to see it with your naked eye. The Earth could possibly even end up getting hit by the object during it’s next rotation that will happen sometime in 2017.

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Asteroid Pass Close Earth View Space Sky Heavens

Image: NASA

According to NASA’s Centre for Near Earth Object Studies, manager Paul Chodas, said, “This asteroid’s orbit is quite uncertain, and it will be hard to predict where to look for it. There is a chance that the asteroid will be picked up by our asteroid search telescopes when it safely flies past us next month, providing us with data to more precisely define its orbit around the Sun.”

Luckily we won’t be hit by the object this year, “but there is a 1 in 250 million chance it’ll come crashing down to Earth in 2017,” NASA said. But even in the slim chance that it does hit the Earth, you can relax, all-life will not be destroyed. Science Alert reports that, “Three years ago, an asteroid impacted Earth in Chelyabinsk, Russia, releasing a shock wave that broke windows and damaged buildings, injuring some 1,500 people.”

Article: Yahoo