Will Richard Accept God’s Love

No matter who you are or where you come from. Whether God is your first, or last priority. Whether you believed, didn’t believe, didn’t care, or fall anywhere in-between any of those categories; we will all meet God one day and answer for how we lived our lives. The bible says, “we will one day have to give an account for every idle word that was spoken.” (Matthew 12:36) Richard Dawkins in that sense, is no different, in fact, just last week he came extremely close; suffering a stroke that has left him bed-ridden, with cancelled speaking engagements and having to re-learn certain functions we tend to take for granted.

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In a statement by the Sydney Opera House, they explained, “On Saturday night Richard suffered a minor stroke, however, he is expected in time to make a full or near full recovery. He is already at home recuperating. This, unfortunately, means Richard will be unable to make his planned Australian and New Zealand tour.”

On February 13th, he made a recording regarding his own condition, while recuperating from his home in England:

We will continue to pray for Richard and his recovery while he goes through these rough days ahead. Hopefully, in some way the medical scare has softened his heart enough to finally receive the gospel. Many have tried, but so far the seed has fallen on rocky ground. Perhaps he will see that is by God’s grace and his bountiful mercy that he is still with us. God must still have a plan for Richard whether he chooses to believe it or not.

Keep him in your prayers.

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