Richard Dawkins Discusses Best Argument God

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God’s Perfection In Everything

If there is one thing Richard Dawkins knows about the world it’s that there are not a lot of religious people that agree with his arguments. During his time speaking and engaging in debate, he has come across some of the best and strongest arguments that apologists have identified. During a recent visit to Google’s Offices in Kirkland Washington, to discuss his new book Brief Candle In The Dark: My Life In Science he engaged in a question and answer session with readers where he gave an answer to the question “What has been the best argument for the existence of God that you’ve heard?”

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Before exposing his answer, he purported that he is not “in any sense is admitting that there is a good argument for the existence of deities” however, he would share what “the best argument he’s heard has been.” (Continued Below)

The answer he related to the crowd was “a deistic God that had something to do with the fine-tuning of the universe.” Essentially, he is referring to the Kalam Cosmological Argument, for the existence of God by the philosopher Al-Ghazali. The argument which is often repeated by apologists, and most notably the popular William Lane Craig. What we, as Christians, get from this explanation is that God Is real because of the perfections that lay in every single thing, in existence.

Once relaying his answer he added the caveat “it’s still a very, very bad argument but it’s the best one going.” His answer echos the recollection made by Evangelical geneticist Francis Collins that said “Dawkins told him in conversation that the most troubling question for non-believers he’s heard has to do with the fine-tuning of the universe.”

Richard Dawkins remains one of the most popular expressions of atheistic thought, even though he has yet to take up the challenge issued by Mr. Craig to debate the point.

God is very real, and the miracles that happen every single day is real. We pray that everyone will be able to accept Jesus into their hearts and soul.

Article: Christian Post