This Miracle Baby Was Born With A Unique Birth Defect – You Won’t Believe It Until You See It!

Tiffany and Manny had spent many years trying to conceive a child with no success. Right as they had given up, the Lord blessed them with a “miracle” pregnancy, one that they were really grateful for.

Everything seemed to be going just fine with Tiffany’s pregnancy, but by the end of one of her final ultrasounds, things took a shocking twist.

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The couple couldn’t take home their newborn, doctors had detected an unusually large ‘mass’ in their baby’s brain, which turned out to be a tumor.

Inside the large tumor, a fully formed foot was found. This of course, shocked many in the medical field.

Image: YouTube Screenshot

Image: YouTube Screenshot

The removal surgery was a success, THANK GOD!

Video: bojangks’s channel