She Loved To Eat Cold Cut Sandwiches While Pregnant, She Never Knew The Dangers Behind It

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It was a typical day in their lives when Lucina’s baby, Ezra, became really aggravated. Lucina took Ezra’s temperature, it was nearly 102 degrees. She rushed him to the hospital.

That is where a spinal tap revealed he had a serious case of listeria meningitis, an infection of the brain.

This type of listeria meningitis usually presents itself during the delivery from their mother, who typically acquires it from a food she has recently consumed.

cold cut meats sicken baby

Image: Your Health Educator

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Lucina consumed deli meats, cheeses and deli products that were all served cold. Such foods are a perfect host for listeria bacteria, a bacteria that can live at the refrigerated temperature. Had she waited longer to take little Ezra to the hospital, she might have lost him.

Article/Video: KETV