The Material Used To Make These Precious Gowns Is Absolutely Beautiful

Baby wedding dresses

Image: Justi Underwood Bates

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Justi Underwood Bates posted this image to Facebook with the passage below. Once you read it, you will see why it has received over 84,475 shares thus far.

“Today I received my wedding gown back. I sent it off earlier this year to be made into angel gowns for babies that don’t make it home from the hospital and I’ll be donating them to the NICU at Vanderbilt. 17 little gowns were made from my dress and as beautiful as they are I pray they are never needed.”

Justi had sent in her wedding gown to The Angel Gown Project, based in Idaho, who turns wedding gowns into beautiful burial gowns for babies who die prematurely.

Instead of having her gown kept away in a closet somewhere, she turned it into 17 beautiful angel gowns.  It is amazing to know that the warmth of her memories will be passed on and clothe precious little angels.

Many women commented on the image saying how it has inspired them to do the same. 🙂