Amen To That

The proud Parents of 2-year-old Sutton Whitt, of Seneca South Carolina, were simply amazed when they went to check their baby monitor one day, only to find their young child praying on behalf of all her family and friends. The child goes on to name a large list of people (though Mommy and Daddy are named a few times) she thanks God for them in the most adorable way. After seeing this thankful young child, I may even start including “air kisses” to my own prayers.

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Sutton’s parents, Kathryn and Caleb Whitt, had been teaching her how to recite her nightly prayers, but that night she did it all on her own.”We didn’t do the prayers and didn’t think anything of it,” Whitt told ABC News. “She’s so sweet and kind-hearted. That’s just the type of person she is. And this video is just a way to see that. It shows how her heart works.”

The Whitt family has been receiving a lot of messages about the video from people telling them that how it has touched their lives. “We’re overwhelmed (by the attention) but we’re enjoying it.”

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