New Type Of Birthing Has Emerged, And It’s Absolutely Stunning!

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Unusual birth

Image: Daily Mail

Thirty-two percent of mothers go through the process of delivering their babies via cesarean section in the US.

The vast majority of those C-sections are for medical reasons, but more and more mothers are choosing to go through this process to ensure that both themselves and their baby will have a safer birthing.

After a C-section, the baby is taken away by the nurses for cleaning, health checks, and all the other intense things a baby is put through in the hospital.

Because the importance of skin to skin contact between mother and baby is overlooked during a C-section, a new method called “natural Cesarean section” was introduced. The idea of this method is that the doctors will open up the mother as if they would in a regular C-section. But instead of pulling out the baby completely, they allow the baby to push itself out on its own.

This extended contact with Mom gives the baby a sense of oneness with his mother.

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Video: DailyMail