Doctors Use Dual Approach For Baby Girl With Massive Tumor

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Angela Alzate knew, right when her baby girl was born, that there was some slight swelling on baby Camila’s face. The swelling turned out to be a tumor pressing against the baby’s skull.

According to a Norhwell Health press release, Camila had a rare venous malformation, filled with a group of thick, dialated veins.

If not removed, the non-cancerous tumor would continue to grow. However, removing it would be extremely risky since Camila was just 5-months-old.

That’s when Dr. Rafael Ortiz, decided to first use sclerotherapy.

“With sclerotherapy, a needle is inserted into the venous malformation under X-ray and ultrasound guidance, and medications are infused to shrink the abnormal blood vessels and reduce the size and appearance of the malformation,” said Dr. Ortiz. “This makes it a safer and more effective procedure while protecting the critical structures of the face at the same time,” says Dr Ortiz.

Northwell Health then explains,

“Camila’s combined treatment of sclerotherapy and surgical removal of the lesion was performed at CCMC on February 8, 2016. In the hospital’s hybrid operating room, Dr. Ortiz performed the sclerotherapy using a medication called STS, which was injected into the large dilated veins, causing the walls of the abnormal veins to collapse.”

The operation was performed at Cohen Children’s Medical Center