Surviving Death

Bringing home a new child should be a joyous occasion. For one Chinese couple, however, that joy became a rollercoaster of emotion, after bringing home their new baby boy, the couple noticed that his color seemed a bit strange. Worried, the couple brought the baby back to the hospital to diagnose the issue, when the unthinkable happened.

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Baby Cries Pronounced Dead Morgue Hospital Miracle

Image: Crying Baby

Once they were back at the hospital, the babies health began to deteriorate rapidly. He became extremely ill, very fast. Before doctors could even diagnose the problem, his heart stopped beating. They tried to revive the child but to no avail. It was there that they declared the newborn clinically dead.

When hospital staff declared the time of death, it hit the family hard- they were completely devastated. Nurses took the baby, wrapping him in blankets and brought him to the morgue. In the morgue, the bodies of deceased individuals are kept in cold temperatures to then either be sent to a funeral home, or a crematory.

The next day, staff began to hear cries coming from the morgue area of the hospital. That is when they found the baby that had been declared clinically dead and sent to the ice-room of the morgue, alive. “Staff rushed to get the baby warmed up and hooked into incubators in order to monitor him. He was due to be cremated later on that day. According to the New York Post, “the child will be under constant observation for the next 23 days.”

Article: NY Post