His Parents Continued To Be Faithful In God

Mark and Marry Gundrum were expecting their eighth child, Dominic, when they learned some devastating news. Dominic’s skull had not fully developed causing a triangle-shaped gap running from his top lip to his forehead. Their unborn child had developed severe deformity known as a Tessier mid-line facial cleft. Unfortunately, the doctors told Mark and Marry that the baby boy had no chance in surviving child birth. Regardless of the terrible news Mark and Marry never lost hope and was later told he would survive the birth; but, would pass away within a few hours after. They continued being faithful to God, prayed, and asked for strength. God granted them a miracle, not only did Dominic survive birth and the following hours after that; but, a few months past by and was given facial reconstructive surgery.

Dominic and his family were truly blessed by God, from having very little to no chance at birth to a full and long life ahead of him.

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Source: World Inspirational