The Person Who Did THIS To Their Baby Is Getting Away With It!

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Babysitter gets away with it

Image: Joshua Marbury

A faulty law Oregon law is preventing this baby’s abuser from being arrested or prosecuted for child abuse. Alicia Quinney and Joshua Marbury had gone out for a night and left their baby Jacob with a trusted family friend. When they came home they had found the babysitter sleeping and their son upstairs in his room crying.

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The couple was very angry and sent the babysitter on his way. However, in the morning, the couple was mortified to see that Jacob awoke with a black eye and a handprint across his face. The parents immediately filed a police report.

Image: Joshua Marbury

Image: Joshua Marbury

Jacob’s abuser was apprehended and interrogated, but in the end, there wasn’t ‘enough’ evidence to charge him with anything. Their local news station KPTV reports, “because Oregon laws require a prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there substantial pain and serious physical injury to the child, and when there is no witness to the act and the child is too young to say he or she was in pain, the burden of proof is high.”

Jacob’s parents decided to go public with the situation by posting pictures of Jacob’s beating.

Video: KPTV