Laying With The Wrong Litter

In Mandurah, Western Australia, a baby Bandicoot was found napping with a brood of baby ducklings and neither they, nor their mother seemed to mind. The owner of the hatchlings named Rex, says he spotted the little guy as he was checking on the eggs that had yet to hatch. That is when he noticed the unsuspecting visitor.

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Baby Bandicoot Sneaks Into Duckling Brood Mother Duck Family

Image: Yahoo News

Bandicoots are Australia native marsupials, and this one seemed to have stray from his own nest. Rex says he spotted the little invader when “I went to check on the eggs and a little bandicoot had made its way underneath.” The mother duck didn’t seem to mind however, so I guess whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Rex Bab Bandicoot Snuck Into Duckling Nest Sleeping Among Ducks

Image: Yahoo News

Rex says he was surprised to see the Bandicoot at first, but assures it isn’t the strangest thing he’s seen during his time in Western Australia. He told The Mandurah Mail, “I’ve seen a kangaroo fornicate with an emu; I’ve seen an eagle fly down and pick up a snake then drop it and then fly back down to get it.”

Marsupial Bandicoot Nest Duck Ducklings Brood Eggs Hatch Farm

Image: Yahoo News

You aren’t likely to come across a much cuter scene in the outback.

Article: Yahoo News