Watch Out For This Trending New Facebook Scam!

Facebook Scam

Image: Fox Insider

If you have recently gotten a Facebook friend request from someone that you are already friends with, chances are that someone is trying to make you their next Facebook scam victim.

How does it work? First off, a nefarious stranger will recreate a person’s Facebook profile using their profile photo the same “About” information.

The scammer then sends friend requests to all of the original person’s Facebook friends.

These people can learn too many things about you by gaining access to your friends. Things like status updates, location, date of birth and photos are all going to be jeopardized.

Facebook Scams


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In some cases, these posers have asked to borrow money or have tried to meet up with your friends in order to rob them.

If you get a friend request from an already existing “friend,” please make sure you verify that the person requesting you is the actual person. Be very wary of friend requests from people you don’t know.

To prevent this from happening, go to the “Friends” section of your Activity Log. At the top, you will find something that says: “Who can see your friend list?”

In the dropdown, select “Friends,” rather than “Public.”

Article: Fox Insider