Bindi Irwin Wins “Dancing With The Stars” Show In Honor Of Her Father Steve Irwin

Youtube Screenshot

Youtube Screenshot

Bindi Irwin has just been crowned the winner of this season’s “Dancing With The Stars”! Through many weeks of hard work and dedication, it has all paid off for the 17-year-old.

It’s not just her talent and dancing that captivated has been the “Dancing With the Stars” favorite since the competition began, but now the teen has earned the official title of “dancing queen” after winning the show!

But it’s not just the dancing that has captivated the judges and audience. Her story of perseverance that is woven into every dance performance she gives and the emotional journey it takes you in, it is what made her stand out from the competition and it’s what got her that crowning moment!

“I am speechless. This is a gift and I can’t tell you how much love I have for all of your support throughout this beautiful journey. My life has been changed.

Here I am given this opportunity to remember moments in my life that I never thought I’d really be able to look at and smile. I never thought I’d be given that chance.”

Bindi has poured her life and her soul into every dance routine she was given. She was determined to honor her father’s memory. Steve Irwin would be so proud of you Bindi!
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Bindi was the first to collect a perfect score of 10 all season on “Dancing With The Stars”. And in the finale, she captivated every single person in the audience with an emotional tribute to her father.

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Video: Entertainment Tonight